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M42 Develop is positioned to provide blockchain application development services. Aim to drive the application of blockchain in the industry. We commited to reducing the threshold of the use of blockchain, and building the ‘Blockchain+’ technology enabling entity application development based on customer needs. The application scenarios include: Blockchain + Traceability, Blockchain + Food Safety, Blockchain + Intellectual Property, Blockchain + Media. The industies involved are: Supply Chain, Copyright, Logistcs, Food Safety, etc.
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Blockchain solution consulting

Rich blockchain + solutions, one-to-one professional consulting services

Blockchain deployment

Rapid deployment of blockchain system, procurement of cloud services for blockchain supporting facilities

Blockchain App development

Complete blockchain development ecology, smart contract customized services

Efficient and stable

Adopt an original one-master multi-side collaborative work model to efficiently run large-scale blockchain applications to ensure the security and stability of the blockchain system

Quick access

For enterprises and institutions of different sizes, provide one-stop blockchain solutions, as well as efficient and easy-to-use blockchain services and supporting development tools

Scenario application

Applicable to a wide range of application scenarios, providing a wealth of pluggable services, and a complete application ecology, supporting one-click release of blockchain applications

Ecologically perfect

Provide complete development tools and data services, combined with mobile and desktop multi-language solutions to build a complete blockchain ecosystem

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