About M42

M42 Blockchain is an Australian blockchain integrated service platform. It includes M42 Develop, M42 Marketplace and M42 News.

| M42 Develop |

M42 Develop is positioned to provide blockchain application development services. Aim to drive the application of blockchain in the industry. We commited to reducing the threshold of the use of blockchain, and building the ‘Blockchain+’ technology enabling entity application development based on customer needs. The application scenarios include: Blockchain + Traceability, Blockchain + Food Safety, Blockchain + Intellectual Property, Blockchain + Media. The industies involved are: Supply Chain, Copyright, Logistcs, Food Safety, etc.

| M42 Marketplace |

The Marketplace is positioned to provide a high-quality, cross-industry blockchain application sharing platform for blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Drain traffic, and help participants acquire users, and accelerate product iteration.

| M42 Press|

M42 Press, Blockchain Weekly is positioned to provide users with global industry blokchcian news, and information from a full perspective, gather blockchain opinion leaders, and promote information research on cutting-edge blokchain technologies, business applications, and regulations.



In an era of over-centralization, the interests of users/enterprises are easily infringed. Closed systems create islands of information and impede the flow of information.

We believe that the decentralization and immutability of blockchain can build a free, transparent and fair environment.